Meet Squish, a 12-year-old amoeba in the town of Small Pond (a town inhabited entirely by unicellular organisms)! Join Squish, (along with his friends, Pod and Peggy) on zany, hilarious adventures trying to navigate school and everyday life while learning more about unicellular organisms.

At Skylanders Academy, the greatest young warriors from realms all across Skylands are trained to protect the universe from evil-doers. The newest Skylanders team – SPYRO, STEALTH ELF and ERUPTOR – are on high alert to foil KAOS and the DOOM RAIDERS’ plots to rule the universe! As our tale begins, Master Eon discovers he will need his heroes even more than ever, as a mysterious darkness begins to seep in and destroy the balance of Skylands!

The AWEOME BRAWLERS are back in BAKUGAN: EVOLUTIONS! Our favourite hero Bakugan: Drago, Trox, Pegatrix, Hydorous,  Howlkor and  Pharol all return stronger, faster, better than ever!

Strange occurrences begin to happen in and around Los Volmos, ELEMENTAL ENERGY from Vestroia is seeping into Earth creating strange phenomena and, causing Bakugan to rage out with excess energy.  It’s not all bad though, Vestroian Elemental Energy is also seeping into Bakugan causing ELEMENTAL EVOLUTIONS!  Along with these new Evolutions comes a new breed of ELEMENTAL BRAWLERS–led by the brilliant biologist MARLOWE FAUSTUS and his super powerful Bakugan WRATH.

Once again, the fate of two worlds, Earth and Vestroia, rests in the hands of the Awesome Brawlers and their Bakugan partners!

Join Barbie “Malibu” Roberts and Barbie “Brooklyn” Roberts for fun, laughter and exciting new adventures!

Follow Barbie and Barbie as they attend a year of performing arts high school in NYC, set out to record a music demo, and take odd jobs to fund their dream, all while exploring the Big Apple and traveling back to Malibu to visit family and friends. Meet all new characters and hear all new songs!

The Awesome Brawlers are back for an all new season – BAKUGAN: GEOGAN RISING!

Our hero Dragonoid returns, but the Awesome Brawlers other Bakugan remain in a deep slumber, healing from the last time they had to save the world.

Not to worry, this time the gang will face adventures with a whole new set of Bakugan partners. Geogan are a Bakugan-like creature fused with elements of crystals, resulting in a new distinct geometric form. Cubes, pyramids, cylinders – not only do they look different than their Bakugan counterparts, but they are EXCEPTIONALY STRONG and BUILT TO BRAWL! It’s not long before the Awesome Brawlers turn this group of misfit Bakugan into loyal partners. Geogan have arrived on the scene ready to prove their worth and dominate in the Bakugan battle arena. Bakugan beware!

Felicity is a fearless part butterfly, part rainbow, part unicorn feline with unique abilities!

Her powers allow her the ability to lasso items in the form of a fully-fledged brilliant rainbow. As well as produce thunderous claps from her butterfly wins, fire lasers from her horn, and glow sticks from her paws. Along with her best friend Miguel, an energetic dog, she is ready to take on the challenges that come along. Living in Mythlandia – a land inhabited by dragons, giants, wizards, fairy tale creatures, and so many more.

Let’s see how Felicity and her best friend Miguel take on their wild adventures!

It’s  a  big,  big  world,  but  you  know  where  to  find  Ash  and  Goh—battling, catching Pokémon  from  Kanto  to  Galar!

With  Pikachu,  Cinderace,  and  their  other  Pokémon  beside them,  our  heroes  continue  to  travel  all  over  the  world. Along  the  way,  Ash  climbs  higher  in  the  World  Coronation  Series  rankings,  and Goh adds  more Pokémon to his  Pokédex in  his  quest  to  catch  Mew.  Meanwhile,  Chloe takes  her  first  steps  as  a  Pokémon  Trainer  when  she  meets  a  mysterious  Eevee.

New friends,  returning  rivals,  and  exciting  adventures  await—as  the  journey  continues!

When an army of powerful alien beings is unleashed on Earth threatening life as we know it, a brand-new team of Power Rangers, fuelled by the pre-historic power of the dinosaurs, are recruited to deal  with the threat.

Welcome to Toca Life, a slightly weirder version of our world!

Join Rita, Zeke, Nari and Leon in their exciting everyday adventures on OK Street and its quirky inhabitants. Follow this ragtag quartet of mismatched personalities and their quest to vanquish boredom in the mysterious couple of hours sandwiched between the school’s gates and dinner time.

No adults around, no rules to follow, this is Toca Life!

There’s a new team of secret heroes in town and they’re the least likely of champions – toys!

Brought to life by a hopeful child, these little problem solvers bring all the fun of Mission Impossible as they follow the plans of their creator. Now, a little boy and his toys can change the world.