Design your own jolly Christmas jumper!

Can you create the jolliest jumper? POP wants you to show off your design this Christmas!

1) Use the artpad above to upload your photo.
2) Add the special jumper template sticker over the top.
3) Then cover it with loads of cool decorations and paint.
4) Send it in to us and you might even catch your jolly jumper photo on POP!

Enter your jumper photo into the prize draw and you could win a bundle of awesome POP prizes! Good luck!

Contest closes 25/12/21 at 11.59pm (GMT) and is open to UK residents only. One winner will be selected at random after the contest has finished. Please aks a grownup for help when entering this contest.

Photo rules
* Only include yourself in the photo (no siblings, friends, family).
* No brands (e.g. Nike, Adidas) or characters (e.g Pokémon, Transformers) on any clothing visible. Please do not wear school uniform
* Do not include any personal information such as home address or car license plates.
* All photos must be suitable for a young audience.