Power Rangers Super Megaforce

Next Airing: Monday, 27 March

Upcoming Airings of Power Rangers Super Megaforce

Monday, 27 Mar
The Wrath
Season 1
Episode 119
Monday, 27 Mar
Legendary Battle
Season 1
Episode 120
Tuesday, 28 Mar
Super Megaforce
Season 1
Episode 101
Tuesday, 28 Mar
Earth Fights Back
Season 1
Episode 102
Wednesday, 29 Mar
Blue Saber Saga
Season 1
Episode 103


  • Troy the Red Ranger
  • Blue ranger
  • Jake the Green Ranger
  • Emma

Gia the Yellow Ranger

Gia is known as "Miss Perfect" and is the Yellow Ranger. 

She's excellent at martial arts, strict and intelligent. 

Her zord is a tiger.