Power Rangers Dino Charge

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Tuesday, 28 Mar
Powers From The Past
Season 1
Episode 101
Tuesday, 28 Mar
Past, Present And Fusion
Season 1
Episode 102
Wednesday, 29 Mar
A Fool's Hour
Season 1
Episode 103
Wednesday, 29 Mar
Return Of The Caveman
Season 1
Episode 104
Thursday, 30 Mar
Breaking Black
Season 1
Episode 105


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Red Dino Charge Ranger

Actor Name: Brennan Mejia

Red Ranger Tyler is the leader of the Rangers. He’s curious, energetic and a free-spirit who fully embraces the idea that life is an adventure.

Whether he’s exploring caves beneath a volcano, or putting popcorn into his sandwich, he’s excited about experiencing everything life has to offer to the fullest.

Tyler’s good nature and warm heart allow him to make friends easily. Once, when Koda (the Blue Ranger) was feeling homesick, Tyler organis ed a Ranger slumber party. All five Rangers camped out with Koda in his small cave!

He loves jokes and pranks, even if they’re at his own expense. Tyler is also dedicated to finding out what happened to his father and hopes that one day they can be reunited.