Power Rangers Dino Charge

Next Airing: Friday, 24 March

Upcoming Airings of Power Rangers Dino Charge

Friday, 24 Mar
Wishing For A Hero
Season 1
Episode 119
Friday, 24 Mar
One More Energem
Season 1
Episode 120
Monday, 27 Mar
The Ghostest With The Mostest
Season 1
Episode 121
Monday, 27 Mar
Race To Rescue Christmas
Season 1
Episode 122
Tuesday, 28 Mar
Powers From The Past
Season 1
Episode 101


  • Red Ranger
  • black-ranger
  • Power Rangers Koda
  • green-ranger
  • Pink Ranger
  • keeper


Actor Name: Claire Blackwelder

Kendall is a brilliant, young scientist. Using her science background, she develops new weapons for the Rangers and repairs their existing ones.

Kendall provides the support and tough-love that the Rangers need to make it through their adventures. She analyses the Rangers’ dangerous situations as she would analyse a maths problem and then points them in the right direction.

Kendall puts a lot of pressure upon herself to take care of her team and takes any mistakes or slip ups very personally.