Power Rangers Dino Charge

Next Airing: Friday, 24 March

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Friday, 24 Mar
Wishing For A Hero
Season 1
Episode 119
Friday, 24 Mar
One More Energem
Season 1
Episode 120
Monday, 27 Mar
The Ghostest With The Mostest
Season 1
Episode 121
Monday, 27 Mar
Race To Rescue Christmas
Season 1
Episode 122
Tuesday, 28 Mar
Powers From The Past
Season 1
Episode 101


  • Red Ranger
  • black-ranger
  • Power Rangers Koda
  • green-ranger
  • Pink Ranger
  • Kendall


Keeper is a reptile-like creature, tasked with the solemn responsibility of guarding the Energems.

His aged gaze is wise and contemplative. More than anyone, he understands the importance of keeping the Energems from falling into the wrong hands.

He is the spiritual guide and moral compass that reminds the Rangers why they fight. At times paternal, he dispenses sage advice to the teens on problems great and small.