Power Rangers Dino Charge

Next Airing: Tuesday, 28 March

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Tuesday, 28 Mar
Powers From The Past
Season 1
Episode 101
Tuesday, 28 Mar
Past, Present And Fusion
Season 1
Episode 102
Wednesday, 29 Mar
A Fool's Hour
Season 1
Episode 103
Wednesday, 29 Mar
Return Of The Caveman
Season 1
Episode 104
Thursday, 30 Mar
Breaking Black
Season 1
Episode 105


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Black Dino Charge Ranger

Actor Name: James Davies

Chase is a cool and laid-back Ranger from New Zealand. One day after moving to the America he was practicing skate boarding when he stopped a woman’s pram from rolling down a hill into traffic!

She was a fortune-teller and insisted on giving him a mystical gift as thanks for his brave deed. It turned out to be the Black Energem. Instantly, it bonded with Chase and made him the Black Ranger!

Despite Chase’s dedication to being a Power Ranger, he’s very forgetful and is often late.

Chase is never seen without his skateboard or headphones, and loves to dispense lots of dating advice, especially to Koda who finds himself woefully ill-prepared for romance in this century.