Littlest Pet Shop

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Tuesday, 28 Mar
The Tortoise And Heir
Season 4
Episode 1
Wednesday, 29 Mar
Pitch Purrfect
Season 4
Episode 2
Thursday, 30 Mar
Ivan The Terrific
Season 4
Episode 3
Friday, 31 Mar
Senior Day
Season 4
Episode 4


  • Penny
  • Minka
  • Zoe
  • Sunil
  • Vinnie
  • Pepper


Actor Name: Ashleigh Ball

Blythe Baxter is an aspiring fashionista who lives above the Littlest Pet Shop. 

After falling into the pet shop, Blythe discovers that she has the incredible talent of speaking to animals!

Blythe visits the pet shop most days to help the animals, have lots of fun and follow her dreams. 

Her fashion line is called Blythe Style.